Saturday, October 5, 2019

The event will be held at the home of Main Line Animal Rescue 1149 Pike Springs Road, Phoenixville, PA 19460

Saturday, October 5, 2019
    Please check back prior to the start of the ride as start times may change.
  • 6:15 AM Check-in & Packet Pick-up opens for 100K (62 Mile)
  • 7:10 - 7:30 AM Opening Ceremonies
  • 7:30 AM 100K Ride Starts
  • 9:00 AM 50K Ride Starts
  • 9:30 AM 40 K Ride Starts
  • 10:00 AM 15K Ride Starts
  • 11:00 AM Lunch service begins, with After-Party & Band under the Big To
  • 12:30 PM Award Ceremonies and Main Line Animal Rescue Presentation
  • 1:30 PM Close of the Course
  • 3:00 PM Event Ends

To register, click on the Register and follow- the registration process. Online registration closes on October 2nd at 8:00 PM.

Tickets are $85 until Monday, September 16th, $95 until Wednesday, October 2nd at 8:00 PM, after October 2nd and day of registration $105.

We are pleased to offer early pick-up this year from 12:00pm - 6:00pm on Friday, October, 4th 2019. Packets can be picked up at the farm house at MLAR, located at 1149 Pike Springs Road, Phoenixville, PA 19460. You may also pick-up up your packet the day of, please plan to arrive 1 hour prior to start time.

Each rider packet contains:
  • The rider’s “Bib” with the rider number printed on it, (Used as ID for you throughout the event)
  • A Wrist ID band with the SAG number printed on it. The wrist band color will also indicate if the registrant is 21 or over and able to be served beer. Please keep your wrist band throughout the event.
  • Timing chip
We respectfully ask that you do not bring your own dog. No dogs that are not residents of MLAR will be allowed on the property.
Our kennel will not be open for tours, but we will have volunteers out with some of our adorable adoptables for you to see and pet. Additionally, you can walk the grounds and see our cats lounging on the cat porch.
No, you will not be able to adopt an animal the day of the event. If you are interested in adopting an animal from MLAR please go to to apply for an appointment to see our wonderful animals.
An amazing day of cycling oriented festivities 4 levels of rides with 4 timed hill climbs. Post-ride festivities, Beer Garden including Conshohocken Brewing Company beer, Chicken, Beef and Veggies Steaks, competition, raffle prizes and much more!
You do not need nor are you required to have a racing license to participate. There are several competitive climbs, but please remember this is a ride, not a race. Chester County is one of the most beautiful places in the world in October; enjoy the ride and the hills!
The minimum age for participants is 12 years old - these courses are challenging and demanding. All minors must be accompanied by a parent or guardian at all times while on the route, and must have their registration form and waiver signed by their legal parent or guardian.

We suggest that you use a road bike, as it is the best option to ride in groups. Its light-weight makes climbing easier (and there are plenty of climbs). You can also ride a mountain bike, touring bike, hybrid bike, single speed (with two brakes), or a recumbent. If you are using a tri-bike or a bike equipped with aerobars during the event, you must have your hands on the brake levers when riding in a group.

Fixed gear bikes are not permitted on the ride.

If you choose to ride as a tandem, both riders have to register as individuals for the event.

MLAR encourages cyclists of all levels to participate and with our overlapping routes, there will be a mix of cyclists of all abilities along the route - especially in the closing miles. We believe that our "timed climb" format provides plenty of competitive challenge for those seeking it, and an excellent balance of competition and rider safety.


With this format Teams and Clubs can ride as a group along the route, and save the competition to the timed hill climbs - there is no "penalty" for the faster riders to wait at the top of the climb for other members in their group. As well, we encourage all participants to relax and refuel our amazing rest stops.

The entry fee is non-refundable and there are no deferrals. However, you can transfer your registration to another person at any time prior to packet pick-up. You are responsible for finding the other rider.

  • 100K Ride (Approx. 62 Miles) : Intermediate to Advanced riders. Offers 4,491 FT of Climb (links to map my ride)

  • 50K Ride (Approx. 31 Miles): Intermediate Recreational rider. Offers 2,001FT of Climb (links to map my ride)

  • 40K Ride (Approx. 25 Miles): Recreational Rider. Offers 1,625 FT of Climb (links to map my ride)

  • 15K Ride (Approx. 9 Miles): Recreational Rider. Offers a 1.037 FT of Climb (links to map my ride)

  • 4 Timed Hill Climbs for All Riders: Gives all riders, from recreational to experienced, a chance to compete with their own personal times. (click for climbed ride details)

  • The MLAR Gran Fondo Cycling Event has four timed hill climbs:

    You will see hill sponsor signs just before the start of each of the timed climbs. The start mat will be clearly marked with cones to direct you over the start mat and MLAR staff to help direct you. You must ride over the start and finish mats in order to record your time. Once you cross over the timing mat at the bottom of each timed climb, your time starts running until you cross the timing mat at the top of that climb.


    These are the only sections of the route where “the clock is running” – We encourage all riders to ride with caution and safety in mind at all times, regardless of where they are on the route as our roads are not closed to automobile traffic.


    We have specifically chosen this Gran Fondo "format" because we believe that it offers the best balance between providing a competitive challenge to all our participants and rider safety.

    More Information
    Please check out our Hotel Partners for locations near the event.

    If you want, you can wear the official MLAR Gran Fondo Cycling Jersey available the morning of the event (sold separately), or your favorite cycling clothes.

    All riders must:

    • have their BIB number pinned to the back of their clothing
    • have the wrist ID around their wrist.
    • keep their wristband on for post-event festivities

    Helmets with buckled chin straps must be worn at all times on the ride.

    Headphones of any kind are not allowed.

    Parking will be made available at the event site. Get Directions
    Absolutely – the reason we are having the event is to raise money for MLAR. Go to our Fundraising page to sign-up to create your own fundraising page individually, as a team or to simply donate. More Information

    Yes within reason, the ride will be held rain or shine, but not in the event of serious inclement weather (e.g. Hurricanes)! There will be no refunds or deferrals as a result of bad weather.


    MLAR reserves the right to cancel or defer the event at its sole discretion.

    For 2019 we will be having a staged “Start” based on the time of your ride. Please see the for start times.

    Opening Ceremonies: A brief overview of the course, safety discussion and event information will be shared before each ride. The National Anthem will be sang before each ride, after the Anthem the ride will commence.

    No, except for a limited time at the immediate start area, all roads will be open to regular traffic. There will be fire police controlling traffic at major intersections along the route.


    At all times riders must obey all traffic laws and ride on the right hand side of the street. Riders must follow the instructions of police officers, course marshal’s and volunteers to avoid disqualification.

    You can ride the pace you want, but are required to ride safely and within your capabilities at all times.


    The cut-off for completing the distance is 1:30 PM. A “Sweep Vehicle” will sweep the ride accordingly. Participants who get passed by the “Sweep Vehicle” can either get a ride or will be riding outside the event.

    Please note that the Post-Ride Food Festival and Expo will close at 3PM.

    Yes, the Start/Finish Area as well as all Rest Stops are equipped with port-a-potties. Any riders relieving themselves alongside the route will be expelled from the event and will not be permitted to participate in future MLAR events.
    There will be three full rest stops at approximately every 15-20 miles. The rest stops will have food, drinks and port-a-johns. Each Rest Stop will have a reference map of the route(s) it services, as well as spare cue sheets for those routes. There will be a food at Finish line.

    First, please move out of the path of fellow cyclists and off to the side of the route. We highly encourage all participants to know basic safety and repair skills, including in particular fixing a flat tire. Be prepared and bring your own pump or CO2 cartridges and extra tubes for your bike. If you can fix the issue yourself, move off the course and proceed with your repairs. If a SAG “SAG Waggin’” vehicle is passing by, indicate to them that assistance is not required by extending one arm in the air with a “Thumbs up”.


    However, if you are still unable to make the repair, you can dial the number printed on your wrist-band for assistance. If necessary, a SAG wagon will take you to a rest stop where mechanical support may be available, or to the finish line. Please note that the wait for assistance and/or a ride to the nearest rest stop can be long and by waiting, you run the risk of not being allowed to finish the event.

    If you or a fellow rider is experiencing a medical trauma or emergency, dial 911, and report your exact location using the cue sheet as a guide, then if you have the opportunity dial the contact number found on your wrist band, and report in to the SAG Center.


    Emergency Medical Services (EMS) will be on call. Police officers will be controlling traffic at certain intersections and volunteers will be guiding athletes for turns at some intersections. If you need help, inform a police officer or ride official on the course and they will get help to you (or someone else) as quickly as possible and stay with you until help arrives.If I have a bad day and realize I won't be able to finish, what do I do? SAG (Support and Gear) the Sag Waggin’ will be staged at various points along the route for any cyclists who are unable to finish the event.


    Try to make it to the next Rest Stop en route, where you will have food, water, emergency medical services as well as volunteers to keep you company.

    If you are unable to ride to a Rest Stop, there will be SAG vehicles patrolling the route to pick you up. If you are unable to ride, move off the road and wait along the shoulder of the road until a marshal or support vehicle comes by, they will be on the lookout for stopped cyclists – to signal a SAG wagon or support vehicle, hold both arms in the air with a “Thumbs down”. If you are riding and you see a cyclist on the side of the road who asks for help, if you can do so safely, stop and assist them, if not report to a SAG wagon or Rest Stop Volunteer that you saw a stopped cyclist and their approximate location. You can also call the number printed on your wrist band to request assistance.
    Group riding is faster as you save about 30% energy in a draft. When riding in a group you need to pay extra attention to the riders around you and signal your intentions at all times. It takes skill to get used to riding closely behind someone else's wheel. Most importantly, do not overlap the wheel of the rider in front of you, do not make and sudden, unannounced speed or direction changes - if you happen to miss a turn, rather than suddenly swerve back, call out that you missed a turn and are slowing down. then safely re-trace back to the route.
    Yes, there will be a wide variety of food and drinks at the finish line food festival and at the Expo. The Food Festival is free for all registered riders. Make sure you keep your wristband on to receive the free food. If you have friends or family who want to join you for the food festival, additional meal tickets are available for purchase on our registration section.
    There will be a special area under The Big Top for Event sponsors and Expo vendors to showcase their latest products. We will also have food trucks, beer and live band.
    We will have games, live music and entertainment at the event site on MLAR’s property at the Start/Finish area. Official festivities start at 11:00 AM. Families are welcome and encouraged to participate. A meal/admission ticket must be purchased for anyone on the property after 11am. Adult Meal/Admission ticket is $25, children aged 12 and under are free.
    Yes an area to change out of your ride gear into clothes will be made available. Relax, stay a while!
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