The MLAR Gran Fondo (Italian for “Big ride”) is a cycling event for everyone who likes challenging routes, timed events, well-stocked rest stops, and a festive post–ride party under the big top with food trucks, live music, and craft beers.

Be sure to plan and stay for the party. If your family is not planning on riding in the event, have them plan to come and see you finish. Meal Tickets can be purchased for $25 for adults and free for children 12 and under.

This is a ride and not a race. The day can be enjoyed by beginners and advanced cyclists alike. We encourage that all riders work together and respect the other riders and their level. At all times cyclists must obey the traffic laws, the roads will not be closed.

All of our routes are well marked with signage and volunteers and police officers where necessary in multiple spots along the route to ensure you have a safe and stress free ride.

Riders who chose to do the longer routes have the option to drop down to the lower mileage routes. Riders may also elect to go for a longer distance the day of the ride. If you elect to do a longer rider, you must ensure you will be back to the farm and off the road by 2:30pm.

This is your day so enjoy it and help each other out when you can. But if you do have any problems our SAG vehicles are out there looking for you. If you need help, flag one down or call the number on your route sheet. If all is well, give them a “thumbs up” and they’ll pass you by.

Nutrition and hydration if very important so be sure to eat and drink enough to get you through the route you’ve chosen.

We hope everyone has a great day and a safe fun ride.

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