We will have 4 Time Hill Climbs:

Approx. Location
Yellow Springs Rd. Outbound sponsored by MWealth Advisory
Mile 4
Horseshoe Trail
Mile 7
Nantmeal Rd sponsored by Hemi Hill Farm
Mile 33
Yellow Springs Rd. Inbound sponsored by PAOMS
Mile (depends on your ride)

You will see signage before each of the timed climbs . Once you cross over the timing mat at the start of each timed climb, your time starts running until you cross the timing mat at the top of that climb.

These are the only sections of the route where “the clock is running” – We encourage all riders to ride with caution and safety in mind at all times, regardless of where they are on the route as our roads are not closed to automobile traffic.

We have specifically chosen this Gran Fondo “format” because we believe that it offers the best balance between providing a competitive challenge to all our participants and rider safety.

GPX files and Cue Sheets will be made available one week prior to the event.

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