This is NOT a race. This is a RIDE.
Be careful and pay attention. Stay alert – stay alive. Enjoy the beautiful roads and countryside in Chester County. Be courteous to your fellow riders – please pass on the left and be cautious entering and exiting rest stops.

Respect our neighbors
Please use one of our many port-a-johns should the need arise. Any participant reported to be relieving themselves along side the route will be immediately disqualified and prohibited from participating in future events.

Our routes
The routes have been carefully chosen to not only be scenic, but to avoid busy roads. The routes are challenging, but doable. Remember the roads are beautiful, but they may be narrower and have tighter turns than you’re accustomed to, may have unfilled pot holes along the way, and will require you to stay alert at all times.

Helmets are mandatory
No one will be allowed to ride without a cycling helmet with the chin strap fastened at all times while on the Fondo course. No tricycles, trailers or powered vehicles of any kind will be allowed to ride.

Obey all traffic laws
This applies to everyone, fast or slow, newbie or experienced. This includes, but is not limited to, traffic lights and stop signs.

Stay to the right
Except when passing on the right, ride single file when able. Keep in mind that the roads will still be open to traffic. While you will have support vehicles and ride officials manning main intersections, please be aware that you will be sharing the road with other cyclists and vehicles. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES IS RIDING ACROSS THE CENTER LINE PERMITTED AT ANY TIME – THIS IS DANGEROUS TO YOU, YOUR FELLOW RIDERS, SUPPORT VEHICLES AND TRAFFIC IN GENERAL.

No iPods, headphones or personal stereos
It is not safe, no music while riding.

Bring Your Own Water Bottle

This is a plastic free ride, you must supply your own water bottle.

Rain or shine
We will ride regardless of the weather, unless safety dictates otherwise, so please plan accordingly.

Event cut-off time
The course and the finish line will close at 2:30PM, at that time the ride will be officially over.

Please note that the Post-Ride After Party will close at 3:00PM.

Mind your manners
We route you through some amazingly beautiful countryside. Do not litter – keep all gel packs, inner tubes and all disposable items with you until they can be disposed of properly. Please treat others with respect and be courteous to car drivers by keeping right to let them pass when possible.

Display your event number & wear your wristband
All registered cyclists must display their event number on their handlebars and wear their official wristband. Riders who do not have these will not be able to enjoy or access the rest stops or the finish line food and after-party. Keep up with your identifiers – any rider who is not an official part of the Fondo will not be allowed to use the rest stops, participate in the after-party & lunch, and will have to miss out on lots of fun.

Have FUN!
There are no exceptions to this rule!

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